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 [Beta] Freedom Call Of Duty SwatLight

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Freedom Entertainment - Owner & Founder
Freedom Entertainment - Owner & Founder

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PostSubject: [Beta] Freedom Call Of Duty SwatLight   5/15/2010, 00:02

Freedom Call Of Duty SwatLight

Hellow Freedom Players,

Finnaly i can give you a little sneak preview, of our newest server " Freedom Call Of Duty Swatlight " .
The server runs with an SwatLight client, wich means, almost everything is modded, wich means it's
actually a whole new game! We've got new fun mode's like, "Steal The Money", "Arrest the opposite Team" , and
many more! Long story short, something you should play!

Also, i can tell we will release 2 more servers, just an regular one, and a Rifle Only Server, with ofcourse modded
stuff in it, like new maps and new reskins of Rifles and snipers. You're able to download those new maps and recoloured
models, and reskin stuff, straight from our server. Bad enough we can't offer you the possibility of downloading the Swat-
light client from our server, simply becuz its 271 MB, wich will slow down our servers, and player slots, and server FPS.

Beceause, of the Swatlight client, wich is still beta you should need to download the client, from another server like
mediafire, or megaupload, or w/e server our new client is uploaded. I will release the download mirrors when the beta
progress is done, and our beta players think it's ready to go! By the way, we are still looking for some beta players,
actually everyone can join our beta team, but keep in mind, that you need to redownload the client, over and over again
becuz of all the bugs that it includes.

I also want to tell you something 'bout our player slots. Freedom Call Of Duty Swatlight has 16 playerslots, wich
is in my opinion OK. Beceause, to many players in too small maps is kinda epic fail. And if you don't like it try
one of our other servers.

The server adress will be "", if you want to connect to this server just open up the command prompt, by pressing
the ` or ~ key on you keyboar. And type in "/connect" . If you want to become admin on our server pm RawR
or WolF for info, me and WolF will help you with that function.

Now here, a little sneak preview ( screenshots ) of our holy new client. :

Freedom Entertainment Owner.
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[Beta] Freedom Call Of Duty SwatLight
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